temperature controls

New, flexible, universal temperature controls

The Gamma family of temperature controls offers high performance, flexible features, and the best value for many industrial temperature control applications. The M3 model, shown here, provides: heat/alarm/alarm, heat/cool/alarm, and several other combinations as standard. The universal heat output is both AC and DC making it compatible with solid state relays, mechanical relays, or mercury contactors. Prices start at less than $200.

portable chart recorder

Portable paperless chart recorders

The portable adapter converts the standard paperless chart recorder into a high performance, multi point recorder. The recorder is less than 9 x 9 x 9 inches, making it an easy recorder to bring onto the factory floor, set onto a laboratory bench, or to carry through airports to another facility. With a local display of up to 18 channels AND an easy storage method using standard Compact Flash memory, data collection has never been easier or more affordable.

chart recorder

Paperless chart recorders

The paperless recorder replaces traditional chart recorders for monitoring 1-18 zones. With a modular architecture and a variety of plug & play cards, the recorder can be expanded to meet your exact requirements. The plug-in flash memory cards provides a quick and economical storage method for recorded information.