temperature controllers GammaDue Series of Temperature Indicators or Process Indicator Displays
Product Overview
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safety indicators, safety high limits, limitrol C1L, M4L -- Safety Limit Indicator
  • 1/32 DIN - 48x24 mm or 1/16 DIN - 48x48 mm
  • Alarm acknowledge key
  • Safety limit alarm
  • Settable power on alarm status
  • FM approved Factory Mutual Approval
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temperature indicators, process indicator J1 General Temperature or Process Indicators and the Advanced J3 Indicators
  • 1/8 DIN 96x48 mm
  • Universal input for temperature sensors, mA, mV, Volt, IR, custom
  • Simple, single input (J1) or more features (J3)
  • High level second input 0/4...20 mA, 0/1...5, 0...10 V (J3)
  • 3 digital inputs (J3)
  • 3 SPST relays NO, 1 SPDT relay
  • 0/4...20 mA retransmission output (J3)
  • 4 alarms with delay, latching and blocking functions
  • ISA sequence on alarms (J3)
  • Hold and timed hold to display peaks (J3)
  • Dual input with calculations functions (J3)
  • Dedicated alarm acknowledge key
  • Two color display with different combinations
  • RS 485 serial Modbus© communications
  • Power supply 100...240 Vac, 24 Vac,dc
  • Transmitter power supply
  • IP65 front panel protection
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